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Sale of 79abc Chestnut Road

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Hi All,

My friend is about to sell their house located at 79abc chestnut road in enfield middlesex.

It is a 3 bedroom house with a medium to large garden and driveway parking enough for two cars or a large van.

They are looking to sell because they want to move to a more rural location and don’t want their time taken up by other housing issues.

Naturally this is a fictional story as I don’t have any friends living at 79abc chestnut road.

Take care and have fun!


Black Photo Album review of Black Photo Albums

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Hi All,

I (as I am sure you are aware now) love black photo albums.

They are simply the best colour to choose, when selecting a photo album.

Now this could be a photo album for many purposes, such as; albums for you family photos, albums for your holiday snaps and so on..

I find that WH Smith are a great source for a black photo album, they normally have a wide selection to choose from and often have other colours too.

Boots also sell black photo albums – checkout the following link as it is an album I particularly like. It is an extremely reasonable price at around 25 quid and is of a simplistic design.

Another great place to have a look is Tesco, although I never find exactly what I am looking for, but have bought from there in the past.

To be continued..